Your Guide to a Better Next Phase of Life

A Collection of Expert Information and Inspiration designed to help you navigate the complexities of pre-retirement and retirement. Our guide covers important topics such as:

    • Financial
    • Activities & Hobbies
    • Community & Relationships
    • Health & Wellness
    • Motivation & Inspiration
    • Retirement
    • Work & Volunteering
    • Travel
    • Budgeting
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Exercise & Fitness

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Next Phase of Life Guide

Your Guide to a Better Next Phase of Life.

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What Needs Will Your Business Fulfill in Retirement?

What’s the most important thing to consider as you transition into retirement? The obvious answer is making sure you’re financially stable… …but what about after that? Then what? Work demanded so much of your time and provided more than just money to you. Now you’ll...

The Benefits of Simply Getting Outside

Americans now spend an alarming 93 percent of their time indoors, despite the benefits of getting outside. We have become an indoor species, which is having consequences on our physical and mental health. Staying inside is detrimental on its own, especially since...

Single and Retired – 5 Steps to Prepare

As you reach the end of your career, it is imperative that you begin to look into the next steps of life, especially if you are single and retired. However, many overlook the simple fact that retirement does not look the same for everybody -- especially those who are...

Have a Happy Retirement (or Not): It’s Your Choice

I bet the title of this article got your attention. You may have immediately agreed with the premise. However, there will be many people who claim that it is not their choice of whether to have a happy retirement because the circumstances of their life make it...

One Question to Help You Know What Type of Business to Start in Retirement

You are pondering which type of business to start in retirement, but not sure which type of business makes sense for you. There are so many different types of businesses you can start these days. Where do you even begin? There’s one key question you must ask yourself...
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