I’m a retired Computer Scientist originally from the Boston area. I grew up in the suburbs, close to the ocean, toward cape cod.  It was a great place to live as a young person. No bills, no worries, and way too much free time.  Anyway, schools were good, and lots of opportunity to play.When we weren’t in school, or working our part time jobs as teens, we cruised, we hung out at the beach, and we looked for good clean “trouble”. Thankfully, there were plenty of part time jobs, so we had money to burn.  Motorcycles, cars, skiing, and date money. Hey, I was young, and, well American!

I’ve arrived. Ah retirement. Wait, what?

Darn if adulthood didn’t show up at the door! What’s a young man to do? So, I went to undergrad school for computer science. Why? Money, that’s why! I wanted money. To play. Didn’t you (don’t you?)? As soon as I walked, it wasn’t the plank, it was for the diploma!, I was offered numerous well-paid jobs. Fast forward four score and four years. I’ve got two grown kids, a worn-out house, and an excellent wife to share the adventure. I’ve arrived. Ah retirement. Wait, what? Now what am I going to do? Darn, I surely can’t sit and stare out the window, I will go nuts!  I’m too young to die. Help!

I know, I’ll do what I did before, I’ll go to school. But this time it will be different. It’s time for revenge. Yes. You see, after eight more years of graduate school, well, I’m done sweating the homework’s, the exams, and the prof’s making me sweat. So, I simply opened the iPad on the kitchen table, shot an email to my old advisor at the college. Told him I’m going to start shooting pigeons out my bedroom window with my ole Daisy BB gun if I don’t find something to do. Thank goodness, he replied and now I am teaching. And getting paid. Sweet. I found something to do. I donated my Daisy bb gun to Goodwill. I think they sent it to the crusher. They said it was the right thing to do. Anyway, I have a place I have to be. My mind is challenged again. And the young people, well, they treat me like a beloved grandpa.  I love it. Retirement and work can co-exist.

You have experience!

Now, I’m not telling you, you have to have twelve years of college. If you have an undergrad degree, the community colleges will love to have you. You have experience! If you are a trades person, contact your local trade school or high school. Again, they would love to have you. You have wisdom. You provide essential knowledge. Tell the stories. I do. If there aren’t any openings, call and apply anyway. Volunteer! No really. I know we are in this for the money, but my ex is a leading Volunteer Director. She recruits volunteers, and more than fifty percent of them get hired on. Usually in a year or so. It’s their way of taking you for a test drive. Just like you did with that 1972 Chevelle, remember?

Whatever you do, don’t sit around, and absolutely, whatever you do, do NOT touch that dial on the TV! And get away from that computer, put down that cell phone, and start walking. You have retirement career options and teaching is a great job for seniors. See you on campus.


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