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Next Phase of Life Affiliate Program

Next Phase of Life syndicates content from our partner sites and writes original articles for partner sites.  As a partner we add links to your website from our Resources page and begin including and promoting your content (both published at our site and yours) as part of our regular social media outreach program.

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Affiliate Program Overview

Next Phase of Life’s goal is to help those who are retired or getting ready to retire to have the happiest and most productive time of their lives. By providing the latest and best information and resources on subjects such as activities and hobbies, community and relationships, financial, health and wellness and more, we want to help people create an ideal retirement.

If you have similar goals, we would love to talk with you about our mutually beneficial affiliate program.

Next Phase of Life is looking to expand our reach and help other professionals to do the same. We are reaching out to professional writers, bloggers, vloggers and industry influencers with subject matter expertise in retirement and pre-retirement issues. We want to bring fresh new ideas and more resources to our retirement community.

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Ideal Relationship

Next Phase of Life would like to team with a limited number of experts and industry influencers who:

    1. Target audience is those who are ages 50-plus.
    2. Have an existing website that has good content but could use many more visitors/subscribers.  
    3. Want to expand their outreach and gain exposure to new audiences.
    4. Are challenged by organizations and individuals who have larger budgets and staff.
    5. Are willing to spend a small bit of time on reciprocal activities.

Program Elements

Ideally, each partner, Next Phase of Life and affiliate, would provide the following:

Next Phase of Life Affiliate Program. Engaging Content.Reciprocal content: At least one new original piece of content of over 500 words. Note that this content can be published on your own website after 21 days. This is content that you and Next Phase writers would be creating anyway – just the original posting site changes.

Content syndication: Next Phase of Life will include as many of your articles, blog posts, video, audio, etc. on our website and ask that you do the same for our content.

Resource listings: Your site, content and tools will be listed on the Resources page at the Next Phase of Life website and we ask that you do the same for our assets. This gives both our websites valuable backlinks and domain authority.

Comments on articles, plus shares on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Facebook advertising. Next Phase promotes its articles (both internal and from external authors) through a paid program. As an affiliate, your articles will be included at no cost.

Public relations. Depending on timing, Next Phase of Life will distribute a press release announcing our affiliation with select contributors.

Program Benefits

By teaming together, you and Next Phase can achieve benefits that neither organization can likely achieve on an additional basis.

Much greater exposure – having your content automatically appear on the Next Phase of Life  website (and vice versa) helps not only with general market awareness, but just as important, with recognition by Google and other search engines.

Greater Alexa Ranking – Alexa is a system that ranks all websites by the amount of monthly traffic they generate in the U.S. and worldwide. Not surprisingly, Google is ranked number 1. By contrast, AARP is #867, and Next Phase of Life is under 28,000, a very good rating at this point in our existence, and getting better month by month. Some of our potential affiliate partners are in seven figures. You can find out a lot about your site at:

Next Phase of Life Affiliate Program. More backlinks.More backlinks. The more sites that link to your websites, the greater your attractiveness to search engines. In fact, this is almost as important as quality content. Together, we will provide quality backlinks to each other’s sites – driving more awareness and traffic.

No cost, low effort. Our intention is to create a program that is easy to manage, requires no financial investment on your part, and leverages content that you are already creating. There is a small investment of time required to post each other’s articles and resources, but this time is always rewarded by the benefits you receive.

Boost from Facebook advertising – as noted above, our Facebook program will boost your website traffic at no cost or effort on your part.

Finally, since we are reaching out to you because of the quality of the content you produce and its potential to help our joint audience, we will never ask you to post anything on your site that violates your quality and editorial standards. Likewise, we reserve the right to do the same.

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Chris Ryan at: or call 719-360-7160.

For more information, please visit our Blog page.

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