We are already well into 2020. Regardless of whether you are one of those people that make resolutions, go with the flow, or something in between, why not try a couple of new retirement adventures this year (also good for pre-retirees). There are literally hundreds (even thousands) of possibilities but I’ve given you a great starter list of 25 options.

Sports and Fitness

  • Go for a nice long walk and listen to a podcast or audio book. If the subject matter is interesting enough, it will make the time pass quickly.
  • Do the podcast or audio book thing on a bike ride, assuming you are not riding where you need to keep your ears wide open.
  • Try a chair workout. This may sound like an oxymoron but if you have a serious leg injury, like I did a couple of years ago, it can help you get your muscles toned and blood flowing.
  • Find a local gym that will give you a free day (or several day) trial. Even better if they offer Silver Sneakers – which is free to many who are on Medicare.
  • Give yoga a try. Yoga has more benefits than almost anything else you can do. And if you fear being scorned because you are an amateur, have no fear. Experienced yogis love to see new participants (as they all were at one time).
  • Participate in a charity walk/run. Good cause plus great exercise: what could be better.
  • Try pickle ball. They say it’s the fastest growing sport for those over 50. Plus, it’s not too hard and really fun.

Travel, Arts, Education

  • Take an overnight trip to a town at least an hour away from your home.
  • Take an all-day road trip – the kind of thing you used to do on a spur of the moment.
  • Join an organized tour of your own town. You may be surprised by how many new things there are to discover.
  • Visit a museum you haven’t thought of before. Even better if you qualify for discount entrance fees.
  • Take a class at the local community college or senior center (if you qualify). A great way to learn something and meet people.
  • Learn a brand new technical skill that helps you communicate like email, social media, or Skype. Your kids and/or grandkids will appreciate this.


  • Start a dinner club. Four to six couples (singles also work) take turns hosting a monthly dinner. The host plans the menu and serves the main course and everyone else brings side dishes, appetizers, desert and beverages.
  • Invent a new drink (or dessert if you prefer) and invite friends over to try it out.
  • Host a wine tasting at your house. These can be fun and educational.
  • Try a local meetup group. You can find a list of many different types of groups at meetup.com. In my area, groups include book clubs, investors, hikers, boardgames, yoga, political and religious groups.
  • If you know anything about business, go volunteer at your local SCORE office. There are lots of young entrepreneurs that can use your mentoring and/or teaching skills.
  • Volunteer for an environmental-friendly cause (e.g. cleaning parks, playgrounds, roadways. It will improve your fitness and your outlook on life. This is also a great way to meet like-minded people.


  • Pick up a jigsaw puzzle or paint-by-number set.
  • Plant something. Depending on scope, gardening can be good exercise and is always good for the soul.
  • Pull out your old photo albums – wedding, family, vacation – and relive great memories.
  • Refinish a piece of furniture. This is a great hobby and if you get really good at it, can become a part-time moneymaking endeavor.
  • Make a list of at least 50 things you are grateful for – yes you can do it.
  • De-clutter your house. If you are like most of us (including me), you have lots of stuff you never use. Sell it at a garage sale, or via Craigslist or Facebook. Even better, give it to Goodwill or ARC and let it be a blessing to others.

Hope you enjoyed this list of fun and productive activities. For more ideas on retirement adventures (also for pre-retirees), read Colleen Milner’s article, Activities and Hobbies for a Fun and Active Life.


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